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Practicing our promises to good purpose

“Invite, Form, Send.” These are our words. Invite people into relationship with Jesus Christ; Form passionate followers of Jesus Christ; and Send those followers to do serve the world in the name of Jesus Christ. This is what we mean to do together.

How do we “Invite, Form, Send?” We do so through Five Practices: Worship, Connect, Grow, Give, Serve. These are the practices of any vital congregation as well as any vital follower of Jesus.

Several persons are preparing for baptism and membership. When they come before the congregation, they (and we) will make a series of promises together. We promise to “faithfully participate in the ministries of the church by prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.” However, promises without practices are but puffs of air.

What then are the concrete expectations members are to have of one another? We expect one another to attend Sunday service (“Prayers”). We expect one another to participate in small groups (“Presence”). We expect one another to give regularly and generously with 10% as the standard (“Gifts”). We expect one another to serve in the ministry of the church (“Service”). We expect one another to serve in ministry to the local and world community (“Witness”).

Do you see how all these fit together? Practicing our promises means practicing our purpose. As we encourage each other to practice “prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness”, we together Worship, Connect, Grow, Give, and Serve to the purpose to “Invite, Form, Send”.


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