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Prayer Walk through the building

Earlier this month, the governing board met. This group is given the sacred task of honoring the generosity of our congregation by prayerfully forming a budget. Below is printed the prayers that our board prayed as we walked through the church building. Sanctuary Holy Holy Holy, you are the Lord God Almighty. You are worthy […]

Barrel of Monkeys

Practicing Membership

We will soon be welcoming new members of Cuba United Methodist Church. What does it mean to be a member of Cuba United Methodist Church? Formally and legally, it means that you have been baptized, professed publicly faith in Jesus Christ, taken membership vows, can vote at “church conferences,” and can be elected to a […]


Practicing our promises to good purpose

“Invite, Form, Send.” These are our words. Invite people into relationship with Jesus Christ; Form passionate followers of Jesus Christ; and Send those followers to do serve the world in the name of Jesus Christ. This is what we mean to do together. How do we “Invite, Form, Send?” We do so through Five Practices: […]


Book, Bath, Table, and Time

God is always present. However, God has also promised to be present in a special way in particular ways. First, God has promised to meet us at the Book. “The Book” is that library of 66 (or so) books, letters, poems, gospels, and more that we call Bible. We keep reading these writings because we […]


Baptism, Dedication, Christening

We baptize babies.  We baptize children.  We baptize adults.  We do not re-baptize anybody.  The reason we do (or do not) such things is because we take God’s grace seriously. Baptism is primarily an act of God, and only secondarily a human act.  Simply put, in baptism God says “Yes” to the one being baptized. […]