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Automated Giving

Giving first fruits in the 21st century!

Here are some general steps to set up a regular donation through your personal bank’s website.

  1. Make sure your bank has online bill pay capabilities and that your account allows you to access this feature.
  2. Through your online bank account, locate the ‘Bill Pay” link, or “Pay Bills”.
  3. Set up Cuba UMC as a payee. You can use your phone number or the church’s (885-7347) as the account number.
  4. Determine how much you would like to give, and how often. Once you have set it up, your bank will automatically withdraw the amount and send a check directly to the church.

If you choose to give in this manner, we still want you to be able to participate in the physical activity of the giving of tithe and offering during Sunday service, so we encourage you to arrange to give 90% through an automated method and give the remainder during the response of thanksgiving in worship.