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We are learning to take membership seriously (as well as playfully), because we are learning to take truth-telling seriously. The fact of the matter is that membership involves significant promises: On the part of God, the promise that you are known and loved, on the part of the congregation, the promise that we will journey with you with courage and discipline and on your part, the promise of your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. These promises are loosely tied to our core practices to Worship (prayers), Connect (presence), Grow (witness), Serve (service), and Give (gifts). So membership is not only an awesome privilege, it is also an awesome responsibility.  After all, the word “member” in its origin meant a body part, and in the case of church membership, the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

We will prepare and welcome new members a couple times a year. For more information, speak with pastor Joseph.

For a bit about what membership means, check out the post “Practicing our Promises to Good Purpose“.

If you are interested in your child being baptized, please see the post “Baptism, Dedication, Christening“.

For a great document on membership, check out the pamphlet “Church Membership” at the Ekklesia Project.