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What to expect

We take Jesus Christ seriously. Ourselves, far less so.

What should I wear?

Clothing. Definitely clothing. Some wear slacks and a t-shirt. Some wear jeans and a collared shirt. A few wear a suit and tie. We even have a “hat day” once a year.

What is the music like?

We have a quality and interactive music ministry lead by a talented group of musicians. Our singing is accompanied by a piano and organ. During the school year, our choir leads the singing and offers anthems and special music. Throughout the year we will have children, soloists, and small groups play a variety of instruments and offer a variety of music.

Will I be singled out or asked to speak?

You will almost certainly be welcomed with a handshake. However, we will not single you out nor ask you to speak in front of the congregation.

What if my kid makes noise?

Then you will fit right it; our choir director is noisy too. Seriously, children are welcome in the worship space. We have activity bags for them so they can do things like color and do puzzles. For little ones (birth-toddler), we have a staffed nursery which operates during the worship time. Children are also welcome to participate in “Children’s Church”.

What is children’s church?

Near the beginning of service, the pastor will visit with the children. After which the children may join our children’s ministers for “Children’s Church”, a worship and learning experience that is especially appropriate for their abilities and interests. Parents are welcome to join their children, but they can rest confident that their children are safe under the supervision of our trained leaders. The children will return near the end of service.

What do you all believe?

We believe in God. We believe in Jesus Christ. We believe in the Holy Spirit.

Can I take communion?

Christ our Lord, invites to his Table all who seek to follow him.


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